The implementation of progress tests in education is meant to combat the exam-oriented learning style that plagues most students. It is especially useful in a curriculum with a broad range of topics such as health-related education. The HU University of Applied Sciences is planning on developing a progress test to be used in multiple health courses which have overlapping subjects. As these tests span a wider range of topics than the students are used to, it is necessary to encourage a different type of learning. 

MyPractice has been developed to be a new adaptive learning environment for Oral Hygiene students. As our research points out, studying is less effective than repeated testing, this is why the application is focussed on providing continuous testing. The user-centered research resulted in an application that incorporates the elements that the students value as most important. It tracks their location and screen time to see at which moments short and focussed practice sessions can be initiated. Besides that it has an insightful progress feature, showing their performance on the different subjects. The entire experience is wrapped in a simulation which emulates their professional goals and dreams.