DN8 is a platform that offers a stage to socially engaged artists. Besides that, we want to grow towards being a creative workspace/incubator where we offer young designers a good base and where we help them find their place in the creative world.

I started this platform together with Gino Wachter in January of 2021. in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic we saw a need for information, tips, and just general encouragement among young art/design students. Combined with our dream of one day owning a physical workspace we started off by creating an online platform. We decided to do it for the culture and started sharing our knowledge and tips with the audience.

DN8 is our common creative DNA. 

Art is a powerful tool. It’s up to us to use it for the better.  Through art, we focus on the people that address social issues or otherwise broaden our horizons. It is often said the youth is the future. We want to offer a stage to young souls that experiment, innovate, and focus on change. We feature the artists that create the world around us. At the same time, we offer valuable insights into the creative world. We’re always here to help young artists find their right creative match.

We do not believe in hierarchy. We’re in this together.

Do it for the culture.

– DN8

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